Tuesday, July 29, 2008

High Speed Connections Important to Libraries

I just read an interesting article about the use of libraries in the internet age. WHile many thought the internet would go the way of the dinosaur, in fact many people go to the library for internet access.

Many, especially those with lower incomes, do not have internet access at home. They use the library for this need. In fact over 50% of people have used a library in the past year.

An interesting excerpt as it pertains to high speed communications:

"Hall said the decision by the State of Wisconsin in the early 90s to subsidize high speed Internet access for libraries had a greater impact. The subsidy continues.

'Locally, our two T1 lines, once considered state of the art in high-speed access, are becoming overburdened. Starting next week we will be using a fiber optic connection to provide greater bandwidth and higher network speeds on the state network. ' - Fon da Luc Reporter

See, T1 was onces state of the art and when we started offering business services 4 years ago we mostly refered to all commercial telecom lines as "t1." However this technology changes fast and we now have new fiber optics and other services. From our standpoint we stay relevant as these things change.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Working on Some New business Telecom Services

We are working on a couple new sites about T1, OC3, SIP Trunking, and more. We recently installed a Metro Internet search tool that uses Google Maps to show lite buildings.

It is a very interesting and exciting time to be involved in dat services for business clients.